All testimonies contained on this webpage are for the sole purpose of glorifying God, and are the proof that the Holy Spirit is healing today through Christians like you and me.  Jesus is most definitely alive today, and He is same yesterday and today, and will be forever.  May the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit be praised forever & ever.  Amen.

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Note:  We at Father's House have listed only what appears to be significant or major healings on this page.  Although there is no more significant or more major healings in Christ, as all healings are divine touch of TLC and grace.  However, if we were to list them all, it would not be logistically reasonable.  Thank you and Bless you.

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Testimonies at Father's House


Revival Breaks Out (family and a local church) - Video

S.K., Fullerton, CA

Delivered from Demonic Depression (Torment & Suicidal thoughts)

Although others have fasted and prayed for deliverance for a long time, C.B. had tormenting pain and suicidal thoughts constantly in the head.  All pain, torment and suicidal thoughts completely gone and delivered after a few minutes of prayer of deliverance.

C.B., Shadow Hills, CA



Neck Disk Healed

Had pain from slipped neck disk, but pain and disappeared after prayer and the movement of the neck was free and comfortable.

A.C., Los Angeles



Cystitis Removed

Had pain from cystitis and both the pain and cystitis disappeared.

M. J., Los Angeles



Pain Removed

Pain over the neck, right wrist, right knee and right ankle is completely gone.

H. K., Los Angeles



Blurry Vision of the Right Eye Healed

The right eye with blurry vision was completely healed.  The eyesight is very clear and bright.

M. B., Los Angeles



Heart Palpitations Healed

A 22 year old man healed of heart palpitations.  He writes:"I just wanted to express how thankful I am for God's grace, and the work He had done through Christ Jesus. A few nights ago I had almost destroyed myself with drink[ing]. I'm so saddened that it had to come to such drastic and unnecessary actions for me to realize that Jesus Christ has been with me all along.  All I had to do was participate in his fellowship and teachings. Experiencing this effortless change; that I was so hopelessly putting effort into experiencing [rather than believing His promises] (if that makes [any] sense [at all,] but lol). I am pleased to say I am now healed of my heart palpitations through God's grace and the work he had done through Jesus Christ our Lord.  It’s a new life from here on out and I'm thankful for your ministry and [for] all God loving people; it is helping to awaken to these truths.  God bless."




Scoliosis Healed

"My pediatrician did the usual check up, feeling if there were any abnormalities and what not.  After checking that, she made me bend down to check if I had scoliosis, an abnormal curve in my spine.  It turned out that I had it; thank God it was only a 5 degree curve.  Later on they called saying that I needed to see a specialist. All I could think of was, 'I don’t want to have a brace, and I certainly don’t want to go through surgery.' … It was the day before my appointment, and I was telling my mom how I didn’t want to go, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to hear bad news, it was just because I didn’t feel like going, like I could’ve done something else than go to the doctors, like shopping!  All my mom could tell me was to pray, and that’s what we did.  It wasn’t the first time we had prayed about my scoliosis, Pastor John, and the rest of the congregation had prayed in agreement about it.  It was appointment day and I wasn’t feeling stressed out at all. As the doctor came in to review the x-rays he said, “No brace, no surgery, no scoliosis!” And of course my first instinct was to text my friends Stephanie and JJ. They had both replied with a “Praise and thank the Lord!” I just want to thank Father’s House for praying and to say how extremely blessed I am to be healed.

Karina, Chino Hills, CA



Heart Pain Disappears
A woman had an on-going heart pain received a word of knowledge about heart palpitation, and was healed.  She has had no heart pain for two weeks, and on-going.
Eddah, Hemet, CA

Diabetes Healed

A woman whose sugar level was 400+, received a word of knowlege, and afterwards, maintaines her sugar level around 110 for two weeks and on-going.
Virginia, Chino, CA


Able to Lift the Right Leg
A woman who could not lift the right leg (not even to lift it up off the ground while standing with assistance) for months after a surgery to replace the right hip joint was able to lift her right leg while lying down on her bed.  She said it is a miracle.
Susan, Irvine, CA

Stiff Right Arm Healed
An elderly woman who could not lift her right arm above her shoulder was completely healed without pain, and she is now able to praise God with both arms lifted.
Mrs. Han, Irvine, CA

Bells Palsy Healed
"February of 2010 I encountered a severe inner ear infection and it spread to the back of my head. It was very painful and it was progressively getting worse. One morning I woke up and my daughter noticed that the right side of my face had dropped. I found out later that it was called Bells Palsy, giving you the appearance of just having a stroke. As time went on, my face was continuing to droop and I could not close my right eye causing me to wear an eye patch because of the dryness. 
I was very sick for a few months when a friend invited me to Father's House. On April 3rd, 2010 I visited Father's House for the healing service. I was so happy with the service and the people were all so kind that I started to regularly attend The Father's House. Since my healing prayer my face is completely healed and the inner ear infection is gone. I feel so much better and I have my smile back. Having gone through what I did was a painful experience, and I have God to thank for this and the wonderful people of Father's House. Thank you."
Alicia, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Back To Work & No Longer Disabled

"Ever since I was prayed for over my hand - I have been able to use it without pain, and am able to carry on w/ life as if nothing ever happened to it. I am able to type w/o a splint (therefore continuing my part-time freelance work which I enjoy), and have been just fine. My finger is still a bit crooked and not able to lift all the way - but I am soo grateful and praise God for his healing to the point of not needing surgery and not being disabled. I cannot thank you guys and your congregation enough, for your heartfelt prayer and in reaching out to me!!!"
Kristin, AZ

Another Diabetes Healed After a Prayer

A woman suffering with diabetes was completely healed of diabetes after receiving a specific healing declaration on a Sunday morning service when pastor declared "Julie, be healed of diabetes!"  God Heals!
Julie, Diamond Bar, CA


Cancer Nodes Disappeared After a Prayer
A woman diagnosed with cancer, having cancerous nodes, came and received the healing prayers during a healing/revival service.  She came and testified that her doctors confirmed that the cancerous nodes are all disappeared and she has nothing to worry about.  Praise the LORD!
Sheri, Orange County, CA

Pain in the Knee is Healed During the Worshp
A man who suffered with knee pain causing limping for more than two months.  While he was sitting in the School of Supernatural during the worship, he sensed someone touching his painful knee (although no one was there touching), heard the knee pop, and the knee is completely healed pain free.
Ty, Diamond Bar, CA

Long-term Smoking Addiction is Instantly Gone
A man who suffered from more than 20 years of serious chronic smoking addiction was instantly healed by God.  Before a prayer, he had to go back to smoking within 24 hours of his repeated commitment to quit smoking.  However, after the prayer, he no longer craves smoking, and has not smoked since.  At the time of this testimony, he has stopped and freed from smoking for more than six month without any lapse.  Praise the LORD.
Sam, Los Angeles, CA

Mass In The Uterus Dissolved; The Surgery Cancelled.

Bolivian missionaries who came to FH for a prayer on their route to Korea for a major surgery to remove a large mass in his wife's uterus wrote: “It is a miracle! The large mass in my wife’s uterus is gone after a prayer!  We now only have to have a minor surgery of taking care of inflamed large intestine.  We are in a hospital now.  I am writing to you, because it is such a great news!  We thank you sincerely for praying for us."
Estaphan, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Leg Lengthened, Back Straightened, and Tinnitus Healed...
"I had left shoulder had pain for almost 8 months, and it was getting worse since May.  Whenever I sat on a chair, I had to twist my left arm in order to relieve the pain.  Prior to receiving a prayer, pain was sometimes overwhelming.  During a prayer, a word of knowledge was given that my left leg was shorter than the right.  Upon verification, I could clearly see that my left was shorter than the right, by about 1/3 of an inch.  I never thought my legs were uneven in length.  After receiving a healing prayer, my legs were even in length instantly and I no longer had any shoulder pain.  The very next day, my body was so comfortable, every joint in my bones were very relaxed, and my back is naturally straight whenever I stand or sit.  I always had a slant and a bend in my back whenever I stood or sat.  God also healed the tinnitus problem of my ears, and the sinus problem; all thru this healing prayer.  God is good.  Praise to Him."
Cheri, Diamond Bar, CA

Tumors Dissolved
"I would like to share with you an outstanding miracle that took place in one of your Revival Services in our church in Semarang. A woman pastor [Pastor Agus] came to your Monday evening (July 7) Revival Service in our church in Semarang. She came from Jakarta to Semarang to undergo surgery because she had many tumors (its medical term is mium) in her womb. The doctor in Semarang had told her that she had to undergo surgery. But before she undergo surgery,she decided to come to your Revival Service to be prayed for. She came forward to the altar when you gave invitation and you and your team prayed for her. According the schedule, the surgery would be done on Friday, July 11. But before that date arrived, she asked her doctor to check her womb again. The doctor checked her womb again by USG and foundthat all big tumors have disappeared. Only a few mium has still exist and she did not have to undergo surgery. The doctor said to her that it was a miracle from God. Praise God!"
Pastor Tanto, Semarang, Indonesia

Back Pain Healed, Able to Bend Body
A man received a prayer for severe back pain, and God healed him.  He was able to fully bend his body and touch the floor with his fingers.  Prior to the prayer, he was unable to bend his body at all due to chronic back pain.  Praise God!
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Able to Rotate Body without pain
A woman who could not turn her body left and right without severe pain was fully healed after a prayer, and able to rotate her body without any pain.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Speaking Clearly
A Man was suffering pain and soreness in the larynx and could not speak for some time.  After receiving a prayer, the pain was gone, and he spoke clearly for the first time in long time. 
Semarang, Indonesia

Arms Healed of Pain & Numbness
A 49 year old woman, Painem, had pain in her two arms and had tingling sensation of numbness in both arms.  After receiving a prayer, she had no pain, no tingling sensation, and no numbness.
Painem, Semarang, Indonesia

Better Eyesight
A 22 year old man, Narnim, could see better after prayer.  He could barely see prior to the prayer.
Narnim, Semarang, Indonesia

Better Eyesight
When I was at work today, I couldn't read the computer with my glasses on. It was a blur.  So, I took my glasses off and found that it was clear...  This happened after receiving a prayer during the conference.
Carol, Corona Del Mar, CA

A Severe Astigmatism Healed

After receiving a prayer, although my eyesight did not become perfect, my severe astigmatism is gone.  I can see clearly now.
June, Irvine, CA

Asthma and Bronchitis Totally & Completely Healed
"I was totally and completely healed by GOD from asthma and ongoing battle with bronchitis.  This is was the first flu season in three decades that I was not sick with all the lung infections and breathing difficulties.   [When I was in the service,] I knew before [anyone] laid hands on me that I had received my healing.  We serve an awesome GOD."
Diana, Diamond Bar, CA

Popping of Ear is Healed

After a prayer, the nagging popping in the ear is gone for good.
Carrie, Pomona, CA

Scissorlike Oppression is Gone

After a prayer, the oppression that was continously bothering the neck and the upper chest area as a scissor was cutting through was completely gone.
Pearl, Fullerton, CA

No Trace of the Breast Cancer

Tommie came diagonsed with a breast cancer.  She was to have a surgery to remove the affected area.  After receiving a prayer, the doctors found no trace of cancer.  Praise God!  Another amazing fact is that she attended a Korean healing service in which she understood no Korean.  However, Jesus found her as she sought after Him.
Tommie, Van Nuys, CA

God Regenerates an Ear Drum
When Maurice Sklar was ministering, with a word of knowledge, he called out the healing of J.T's ear.  J.T. had a hole in his ear drum, and the word of knowledge was accurate.  J.T. later went to his doctor, and his doctor could not believe what he found.  The ear drum had regenerated itself, and there was no hole in the drum.
J.T., Los Angeles, CA

God Heals Severe Back Pain
A man walked into our healing service with severe back pain.  After the service, he received prayers, and he jumped up and down, raised both hands, and shouted "Thank You Jesus!"  He then ran around the sanctuary.
Anonymous, CA

A Collapsed Left Lung is Restored

I had my left lung collapsed for years.  Upon receiving a prayer, my left lung is restored and I can breathe normally.  La gloria a Dios!
Anonymous, Santa Cruz, Bolivia


God Dissolves All Trace of Cancer
I was scheduled to receive a surgery to remove cancerous breast tumors diagnosed with lumps that could be felt with hands and with a MRI.  After receiving a prayer just days before the scheduled surgery, the tumors and lumps disappeared completely.  The doctors verified that there is no trace of cancer or tumors.  Praise God!
Anonymous, CA


God Heals Asthma

I have been healed of asthma which I suffered for years.  Since I received a prayer, I am free of it.
Diana from Walnut, CA


God Heals Eczema

After the Saturday healing service, my ears are healed. (I had eczema at the bottom of my ears and it hurts whenever I have to take a shower.)  It’s really a miracle that Saturday night I came home and found out my ears are totally healed. Praise the Lord!
Anna from San Jose, CA


Another Impossible Back Pain is Healed by God
Wille Beeson writes:

"Good morning John and Michele,

I spoke to Fred Korte this past week to check on his back condition since he came for prayer to Fathers House. Fred has not been to a church or read the bible in decades. Before he came to California in January, I asked him to purchase a bible, he did.

Then I asked him to read Psalm 143, v 8-12. He did.
Fred has had three back surgeries like me. His first in 2001, then in Germany in 2004 for the implant. His failed too. Then here in Calif in late 2004. After that he recovered and was doing very well. Then in October of last year he suffered a major relapse. He has been in worse pain to his back and legs then before and back on all those pain meds he was taking.

In December Fred called me to ask me to find out how he could get what I have....God given pain free, restored health. I told Fred to come to Fathers House. So he did.

Back to the bible, Fred read the Psalm the day he purchased the new bible and his leg pain went away! The spirit of God heals when we seek Him. Fred was still in pain to his back, still taking all the meds.

John and the members prayed the awesome prayer of restoration and Fred believed in the power of God. When I spoke to Fred last week, he sounded so different, alive, sharp, with no stress to his voice. I asked Fred what happened? He said, “Willie, I do not understand it, but after the prayer I stopped my meds and have no pain anywhere. My doctor has put me on the pill to take me off the meds with less withdrawals, but I am fine.”

Fred sounded like a new man. He told me he keeps the bible in his pocket and reads it daily now. He told his doctor what happened. His doctor said, “Fred, we do not understand how prayer works but it does, and for you it is working. Keep reading all the Psalms.”

This is such an awesome testimony to God and the love He has for those who are suffering, and success for those who put their trust in Him and be thankful. Fred has a new life and is seeking God and now I cannot wait to see that Fred and Sandy are new believers in salvation.

Blessings to you John and Michele, and the members of Father’s House, for all that you do in His service."

Willie Beeson from Brea, CA


Family Strengthens as God Heals

Cheri writes: "Vincent, Justin, Nelson and myself would like to say “thanks so much” to every member from Father's House; and “thanks” to the Lord our God Almighty.
We would like to thank all of you who have been praying for Vincent and our family. The doctors have confirmed that Vincent did not have a stroke. Moreover, Vincent now only has migraine, and does not need any medication to prevent further complications. (THANK GOD – NO MEDICINE!) The doctors gave Vincent some vitamins instead of prescriptions. We are blessed and God is so good, so good.
You and Pastor John, and every member's prayer are changing the lives of our family, I see Nelson changing and I see my children changing...although it's not what I had expected: "quick and a lot," but at least, I see them heading toward God's kingdom. Last Sunday (10/15) night Nelson, driving home after we had dinner together, called Vincent over the phone, and told him “I know I am not a good Christian, but I would like to ask you to start praying every night. You should be thankful to the God, because only God can control your health problems and no one else could. Because of your health problems, I’ve realized that it is God who protects you through everyone’s prayer…” When I’d heard what he said to Vincent, I cried in my heart and praised the Lord silently. I am so glad that he said all that from his own mouth... Thanks to all of you, and thanks to the Lord! God is really good. I love Jesus and I love all of you too. 
May the Lord bless every member of Father's House and may Jesus take care of every child and youth, away from all sicknesses, diseases, and illnesses, and may He lead all the children and youth to live happily and healthy."

Cheri from Diamond Bar, CA


Normal Blood Pressure

Carol writes: "My brother who is in Intensive Care Unit has improved since prayer last night. He is maintaining a normal blood pressure off the vascular constrictors. PRAISE GOD."

Carol from Chino, CA


Manic Depression is Healed!

Sandy writes: "I was a bipolar and manic depressive. After receiving prayers, the doctors just announced that I am no longer bipolar and no longer manic depressive. I am now classified only as depressive, and off much medication. I believe God will totally heal me."

Sandy from Fullerton, CA



Catalina writes: "God has blessed my family since we been coming to Father's House. I want to thank God for all the blessing God has poured on my family. He has given us healing (shoulder pain), more spiritual growth and has opened the doors for new jobs opportunities and job promotion for my two sons and husband. I'm truly blessed. Ask and it will be given to you: seek and you will find: knock and the door will be opened to you. It has for me."

Catalina from West Covina, CA


Glorious Doctor's Report

Virginia, who is healed of cancer, reports: "I just got back from my 4 month doctor's appt. and the news was glorious. Doctor said I looked good and my blood work came back great. I am truly blessed with the power of God to heal and the prayers of faithfulness from my sisters."

Virginia from Diamond Bar


Pain in the Wrists is Gone

Susie reports that her wrists were completely healed after a prayer during the healing service. The pain was so severe that she was unable make turns while driving. After a prayer, the pain was gone, and she was not only able to comfortably drive, but also carry heavy luggages without help.

Susie from China


Left Leg is Lengthened to Match the Right

Aurora reports that when she received a prayer, her left leg that was about 1/2 inch shorter than the right grew right front of her eyes. As her left leg was growing, she could feel the left leg growing and saw the growth. Moreover, when she stood up, she was able to walk without her backpain.

Aurora from Ontario, CA


Adrenal Support is No Longer Needed

Jeanette reports: "Saturday night was the biggest spiritual blessing our family have ever had. I knew when I entered and sat down that the place was filled with the Holy Spirit's presence... You broke generational curses off of [my husband] and he has been gentler and more loving, more peaceful since... My heart is doing better and after many years on adrenal support, I have not had to renew my order. This is BIG!" Praise God for He is the Healer!

Jeanette in Santa Ana, CA


Blessings in Employment - Promotions & Increase in Salary

"I have just switched employment nearly a year ago, selecting one out of two job offers. Although, one of them came from a much bigger firm with a higher starting compensation through their sign-on bonus program, for some reason after prayer and personal reflection, I had more “peace” to accept offer from the other firm with seemingly less compensation... On my first day, I was surprised to learn that the office manager who had interviewed and decided to hire me was no longer with the firm. For the next 8 months or so, dramatic transitions were taking place in the office mainly due to this “change in management”. Every month, one or more personnel decided to move on with their career and left the company. I have never witnessed such turnover rate before... There were times when I wondered if I had made the right decision. Wishful thoughts surfaced occasionally that I wouldn’t be in this “situation” if I had accepted the other offer, after all it was a higher compensation to begin with... In October 2005, during one of the Wednesday prayer meetings at the Maple room, Pastor Michele prophetically (I didn’t even realize that it would actually be prophetic) called forth “leadership roles and giftings” in my life. The “Word” brought witness in my heart, and encouraged me to believe that God does not make mistakes, and that He must have a beautiful, good and perfect plan in every turn of our lives... At the end of the first month in the new year of 2006, the new office manager came into my office and caught me off guard with promotion news and a significant pay raise, the most I have had in my career by far. God has entrusted new responsibilities on my shoulder to lead the department I was working in and to grow it from where it currently stands. This was something that I had desired and never knew that it would come so quickly. Yes, there are challenges and opportunities ahead, but just like Pastor John reiterates in every service, I feel that He is with me. He truly blesses those who love Him and multiplies our “seed” of tithes and offerings. Praise the Lord."

Anonymous in Brea, CA


Lesion on the body dissolves and disappears

Michele said that a lesion on her body dissolved and disappeared after a prayer.

Michele in Diamond Bar, CA



Bones Fuse Around Vertebrae Implant - Miracle of Willie Continues

Willie reports that His doctor is amazed and praised God as the bones around his vertebrae have fused around a faulty implant that was about to slip out of position so the implant is securely sealed in - eliminating the need for a surgery.  The doctor stated that he has only seen one other case where the bones have fused around an implant it in his life.  The doctor stated tht his earlier experience was a miracle in itself in which it took more than two years for the bones to fuse around, but this creative miracle for Willie only took few months.  The doctor documented the miracle with an X-ray.  God still heals today, and He does not stop with one miracle.  For more information and the acutal testimony (sound clips) on the amazing testimonies of Willie, please click here ♥.

Willie from Brea, CA


Click for his amazing testimony

Willie's Amazing Testimony

Click here for his amazing testimony!


Neck & Shoulder Pain is Gone

Kenji came in with neck & shoulder pain that wouldn't go away, and his visits to chiropractors did not help him at all.  He came and received a prayer during the February healing service, and he is totally healed.

Kenji from Alhambra, CA


Diabetes Condition Improved

Grace said that, right after the healing service on January 6th, 2006, her diabetes has greatly improved: "after the healing service, she believed that the LORD healed her diabetes, if not the complete healing, then much improvement.  So she decided to take only half the normal medication and had the late night dinner, and she found out next morning that her blood sugar level was below 200 for the first time in 4 years!"  Praise God - her blood sugar level was 135!  In addition to that, on January 29th, 2006, she reported her count is at 95 with very little medication. Moreove, on February 4th, she reports that she is off medication and her blood sugar level is at 90.  Praise God!  May He cure all diabetes in our midst!

Grace from Monterey Park, CA

2006.01.06 & 2006.01.29

Lactose Intolerance Cured

"My two year old son suffered from lactose intolerance and he was hospitalized twice.  After receiving a prayer, he was totally healed, and he is now freely enjoying his ice cream which he loves."

Mamie from Yuba City, CA


Frozen Shoulder is Loosened

She was suffering from the frozen right shoulder for long time.  She could not lift her right arm beyond about 70 degrees from her hip (well below the horizontal level). Just prior to the prayer, she showed that she was unable to lift her arm beyond beyond about 70 degrees from her hip.  Right after the prayer by our members, her arm is loosened, and she was able to lift her arm about 150 degrees or more from her hip.  Praise God!

Catalina from W. Covina, CA


Mental Illness Healed

"You may not remember me. But I came to your Inner Healing Seminar, Saturday Octocer 8th, 2005. I was with my pastors. I am the black man that you laid hands on and prayed for. I had been mentally ill for almost two years.  I had been in three mental hospitals, had eight months of therapy, seen ten head doctors, and taken countless pills and medications. Nothing had helped. That night when you prayed the dark spirit left me, I was healed and remain healed today.  May God bless you & yours & your ministry.

Thank you."

James B. from Los Angeles


On going migraine is healed

Theresa came to the November healing service with migraine headache that went on for more than 10 years and she was dependent on medications to cope with the pain.  During the prayer, she felt something lift and within two weeks she was totally set free with no need for medications.  Praise God!

Theresa from Diamond Bar, CA


Breast Cancer is gone without a trace

Marisella had breast cancer, and received chemotherapy.  However, the doctors found that the cancer had come back shortly after the chemotherapy treatments.  The doctors were concerned because they diagnosed that the cancer was a very aggressive type.  The doctors scheduled her for surgery to remove her breasts.  She came to our October 1st healing service, and received prayers.  When she went back to the doctors for the check up a few days later, as a part of her scheduled check up prior to the surgery, the doctors could not find any trace of cancer.  God heals the cancer again!  He is the healer!  Amen.

Marisella from L.A., CA


Bleeding Stopped and Chronic Headaches Healed

"I was experiencing very severe headaches for a long time - it felt like knives stabbing me in the head.  In addition, I was having irregular menstrual periods bleeding all the time, so much so they put me on medicine to regulate my period.  After the healing service (in July), the stabbing pain in my head was gone, the bleeding stopped, and I went off the medicine and have been healed ever since!" 

Kate from Torrance, CA

Bipolar is Healed & Family Restored

Sandy was bipolar, and she had to be under severe medication to calm her nerves.  On the Easter Sunday (April, 05),she was baptized in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit at Father's House.  She said that she saw the Holy Spirit enter the pastor and baptized her.  Thereupon, she is freed from her medication, and she is able to focus.  Moreover, she said that she continuously had negative thoughts, but she is freed from them.  Furthermore, within a week or so, she found a new job (doing translations) that pays very well.  Praise the Lord!  In addition to that, on July 30, 2005, she called and testified that her family is fully restored - her husband and children all returned to her and "they are one happy family once again."

Sandy from Brea, CA

2005.07.30 & 2005.04.17

Back pain associated with the weak left kidney is healed

Michelle stated that since the Healing Revival Service of June 5th, the back pain associated with her weak left kidney has disappeared completely.  She was called forth through a word of knowledge during the healing service by John, she stood up, everyone stretched their hands toward her to pray, and she was healed. Prior to the prayers, she was unable to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time becuse of the pain, but now she is able to all normal life's functions.  Praise the Lord!

Michelle from Diamond Bar, CA


Leveling & Straightening of Skewed Hips

Rita said that she had a left hip that isdisplaced so that it was a couple inch higher than the right hip - making the legs that much off-set, making her limp and difficult to walk.  She was prayed for and she went down in the power of God.  She got up and received prayer again and again - seven times.  She was somewhat drunk and her coat flew off.  She was prayed for lengthening of the legs, shortening of the legs, adjustment of the hips and realignment of hips.  When she stood up, she said that her hips and legs felt normal.  She started to walk in her place.  She said that she felt good, and then she gently jump up and down.  Then she said she was healed.  She received the prayer once more, and when she stood up, she said she felt good.  She started to walk.  She screamed, laughed and praised God with her hands up and started to run around, going up and down steps.  Everyone look at her and praised God together.  It was exciting.  Praise Jesus, the Healer.

Rita from Pasadena, CA


Extension of an Arm

Golria said that she always had her right arm significantly longer than her left.  She was unable to align both arms to have the ends of her hands line up.  After the pastor pronounced that the healing angels are touching & ministering to those in need, she felt her left shoulder pop and her left arm extend.  Her left arm became the same length as her right arm.  She gave hertestimony and showed her two arms of the same length; touching the tips of her hands with her both arms aligned properly. Praise Jesus!

Gloria from East Los Angeles, CA


Release from the Midnight Scissor Oppressions

B.L. shared that frequently, at night as he tries to sleep, something chokes and squeezes his neck like scissors.  He received a prayer that the LORD will remove whatever is affecting his neck area and the pastor commanded the enemies to never touch him again.  He said that, since that prayer, he has not had any more "scissor chokes".  Praise God! He is the deliverer.

B.L. from Los Angeles, CA


Removal of a Bone Chip and Related Bruise

Primal had a bone chip on his right hand that poked his right hand and made the hand very painful to touch, even slightly.  The hand was bruised, purple, and swollen.  The doctors told him that they have to remove the bone chip or his hand would never heal because the bone chip would continuously irritate the deep bruise.  However, because of his busy schedule, he could not receive a surgery, and had this condition for about six month.  After receiving a prayer, he said that he was fully healed.  When he was told to do something he could not do before, he held his hand tightly with the left hand.  The bone chip was gone, the bruise was gone, and the swelling was gone!   Praise the LORD!

Primal from Colorado