Bones Fuse Around Vertebrae Implant

Willie reports that His doctor is amazed and praised God as the bones around his vertebrae have fused around a faulty implant that was about to slip out of position so the implant is securely sealed in - eliminating the need for a surgery.  The doctor stated that he has only seen one other case where the bones have fused around an implant it in his life.  The doctor stated tht his earlier experience was a miracle in itself in which it took more than two years for the bones to fuse around, but this creative miracle for Willie only took few months.  The doctor documented the miracle with an X-ray.  God still heals today, and He does not stop with one miracle.  For more amazing testimonies of this man, please continue to read below.


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Willie as of September 2005

Clogged Artery is Now Completely Open - Miracle of Willie Continues

Willie reports that the latest angiogram shows his closed artery to his left leg is now completely open, and he enjoyed a full round of golf walking with his golf bag and he ice skated which is his passion for the first time since his healing.  Not bad for a man who could not stand for more than a few minutes because of clogged artery and faulty vertabrae implants only less than 8 months ago.  For more testimonies of Willie, continue reading...

Willie from Brea, CA



Willie Giving Testimony May 2005

Gallstones Disappear! - Miracles of Willie Continues

"Hi John,

Thank you for the blessings in your emails. You send me the best and I read them all with a glad heart, like a thirsty sponge in a pool of living water. I know that you are doing a great work. God doesn't call us to move pebbles, He calls us to move mountains. Those mountains are those of us stuck in darkness living lives of cheerful lies.

Fathers House, you, Pastor Michele and the awesome members are a blast of light to see our way out of the dark time. Keeping your own light burning brightly means you need in-filling of His spirit. I am glad that I was a vessel to do that. Praise God!

My life is very different each day since my healing. I spend great time reading the Bible and praying. I am learning who I really am and this takes time. Time with God to get to know Him truly. I feel at times though weakened by the worldly pull of sin. For me as it happens I think of Fathers House, you and Michele and Palm Sunday and April 26th. Then, I am back in heaven and I see the reason we are here and where we are going too, Heaven!

It is an awesome place and I know that I am select to have seen it and be able to continue to be here. God has a purpose for that. For now it is for me to fully recover and to spend this time with getting to know Him and to develop who I am as a Christian. I do get impatient at times, but I pray for the ability to wait on the Lord, as David did in his incredible journey in Israel.

I wanted to share some more incredible news. Earlier this year my doctors ordered many tests to find out why I suffered such great pain in my abdomen left side. All the tests were negative, except they found I had gallstones in my gallbladder. More tests revealed I had seven to nine stones. Instead of immediate surgery, it was placed on hold until my artery bypass was performed and I was recovered.

After my healing I forgot about it. Then last month, my doctor said this is still unresolved. So back to the surgeon who ordered an ultrasound. This was done 3 weeks ago. On Monday I got the result. They found a healthy gallbladder with absolutely NO STONES! In addition the report indicates the gallbladder is in excellent order as well as all the other digestive organs. My doctor was stunned. As he had told me that stones are like a hand grenade waiting to go off and that my gallbladder must be removed now.

When he saw this and he began shaking his head with disbelief! But he knows all that happened to me and he says that I am truly blessed. Also he had tested me for cholesterol, etc. He said never has he seen a composite score of HDL, LDL and cholesterol so low, below a 2. He also said all the other panel tests were so good it was hard to believe. Especially since he knew all the pain medications and various drugs I was taking.

God is so good and awesome and it is the continuance of this miracle. I wanted to share this good news of the ongoing revelation of my healing. I also want to share that I pray for Fathers House and your ministry and for you and Pastor Michele to be strengthened and led to discernment in growing this church body. Also, I pray for your boys too.

God bless you and If I didn't say so before on Saturday, I love you and thank you for being faithful and diligent in your journey as a warrior of God.

Love, Willie Beeson."

Willie from Brea, CA



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Willie on Palm Sunday; March 05

Invalid stands up and is living a normal life

"Hello All,

What Mark saw today is the manifestation of Jesus power to heal. I was prayed over on Palm Sunday in a new small ministry by two very anointed healing pastors -  Husband and wife, John and Michelle Park.
This was not instantaneous. In a few weeks things started to occur. On April 25th I was experiencing huge mental alertness. On April 26th, I experienced a very moving vision. All along I have kept a journal and telling God all my heart and soul.
If this was his will for me to be in this way (zero life) then so be it. On April 27th I arose to not an invalid, but to a completely healed, vital and vigorous person. Just 14 days later I am going faster and getting stronger. I have no pain! I suffered no withdrawals. I have full use of my left leg as if I was 20 years old again.
This is not false. I am healed and all the glory and mercy goes to Jesus.
It is a miracle. Give God the glory and let Him lead your way.


Willie from Brea, CA



"I had lunch with Willie today. Drove to his house... knocked on his door... let myself in and talked to his brother-in-law while I waited for Willie.

I was expecting him to come downstairs with a walker or cane. The last several times I had seen him, he looked like death warmed over. He's been in such bad shape for a long time, I was expecting the worst. He appeared behind me... I turned around and gave him hug... being very careful not to hurt him. He embraced me with a strength that I did not think was possible. 

After the initial shock wore off, I stood in disbelief as I looked upon a healthy looking man... not ashen... not gaunt... not frail... not forcing a smile through a grimace of pain. We walked out to his truck and I asked about his pain... "What pain?" he replied. I expressed my disbelief and he stopped his truck near some very large trash bins that were on the street. He picked one up and flung it around... twisting and bending. I went and picked it up... it was heavy.

He's been off pain meds for 2 weeks.... dropping massive doses of morphine-sulphate, cold-turkey, with no withdrawals. His back pain and leg pain is gone. His abdominal pain is gone. There is still some claudication (leg pain with exercise) from the occluded artery, but it's not serious enough to keep him from coming back to life... enjoying every second.

He attributes all of this to the power of faith and prayer. I'll leave it to him to explain the details. I don't know how to explain it.... I'm just glad to see my friend looking happy and healthy. As we ate lunch, I couldn't keep my eyes from leaking... it was so good to see him like this. 

What a great day!