WLI-KA (Wagner Leadership Institute – Korean American) is a regional training center of Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI).  WLI is an international network of apostolic training centers established to equip the saints for kingdom ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

WLI, founded in 1998 by C. Peter Wagner, WLI reflects a new paradigm for unique training in practical ministry. Students learn in a creative, revelatory atmosphere of teaching, impartation and activation with opportunity for hands-on practical application and ministry.  WLI provides the highest level of training and spiritual impartation through a successful faculty of internationally known leaders who walk and minister powerfully out of the five-fold ascension gifts. Students obtain a living, functioning impartation and activation from the Holy Spirit to walk in their divine destiny.

WLI-KA draws from the extensive instructor list of WLI and all sessions are translated into Korean, except for those speakers who teach in Korean.

The general class format is M-W, 1p-6p, and M-Tu, 7:30p-10p.  Registration fee is required for all sessions, except for the evening open services.

월-수: 오후 1:00 - 6:00 [등록 필요 - 등록비: Audit은 $100, Credit은 $250]

월-화: 저녁 7:30 [등록 필요 없음.  사랑의 자유 헌금 받음]

수: 화더스 하우스 집회: 저녁 7:30 [등록 필요 없음.  사랑의 자유 헌금 받음]

(모든 행사는 마지막 시간에 변동이나 취소 가능함을 이해 해주십시오)

(Please note that all events are subject to the last minute change or cancellation.)


For WLI-KA schedule and scheduled speakers, please see below.


WLI-KA Leadership

WLI-KA Chancellors: Pastors John & Michele Park (Link)

WLI-KA Pastor: Pastor Jonathan Park (Link)


For information on WLI-KA , please contact

Pastor Michele Park


WLI-KA Upcoming Schedule & Speakers

April 23-25, 2018: Katherena Higashi (Park) 목사 (경배 와 중보기도, 새노래)

May 14-16, 2018: Steve Trulllinger 목사 (아버지와 정체성 - Understanding Fatherhood)

June 11-13, 2018: Maurice Sklar 목사 (경배 - Worship)

July, 2018: Vacation (방학 - 수업 없음, Vacation - No Classes)


* Please note that the speakers and the topics may change without notice.



For Audit (Audit Only)  $100 

For Credit (학점 등록)  $250